Fabric Logo Design

Fabric Logo Designs uploaded by students on Wakelet

Grade 6 Learners worked on Fabric Logo Designs after learning about Textiles, Types of Textiles and Applications of Textile Design. Learners chose the concept Tourism as the theme for their logo and learned stitching techniques like running stitch for their Logo Design. Learners also used Fabric paint, Poster colors and Sketches for beautifying their Logos.

Take a look at their projects here- https://wke.lt/w/s/qviMJk

Logo Design

Grade 6 learners were introduced to the concept of Logo Design and to the characteristics of a good Logo. As a warm-up activity, students will took up a Logo Design challenge that involved the following steps

– You are tasked to create a logo design that represents you as a person.

-Your logo must represent/symbolize your personal interests and beliefs.

-Follow the logo design process and use up to three colors (minimum) for the design: keep it simple, not too visually distracting. Create an initial sketch of the logo using an online graphic designing tool.


Grade 8 learners were introduced to HTML programming after analysing a sample website. Learners identified the parts of a website and understood the basic elements that build up a web page. Learners created a simple web page that showed a few details about them by using title, head,body and paragraph tags. They also understood the meaning of attributes, values and tags.


Grade 6 Learners had a fruitful learning to learn week that began with fun interactive session where they got to know their classmates and their teacher. Learners answered interesting questions and shared memorable experiences during the interaction. Learners also jotted down 5 interesting facts about themselves using a tool called Buncee. Have a look at their amazing work here:

Made with Padlet


Learners in Grade 6 did a Scavenger Hunt along with their parents to find out the products that were described in the form of riddles. Learners tried finding answers to the riddles with their siblings/parents and clicked pictures of those products as well. Learners also created riddles for a random object in their house and gave it as a Challenge task to the teacher.



Grade 7 Learners created colourful patterns and drawings using block codes on the VEX Robotics digital platform as a part of their Design assignment. Learners completed a challenge of making their rovers move around an empty canvas and create complex patterns using control blocks and motion blocks.


Learners in Grade 7 and 8 worked on this interesting assignment containing different types of questions on Command terms in MYP. Learners tried collecting pictures matching with the command term, explaining a picture using a particular keyword and added examples of their own work that demonstrates these terms in real-life. They also reflected on the ATL skills and Learner profile they had demonstrated while doing this assignment.

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